padman: Padman in Chandannagar! Napkin Billy Teacher’s salary – sumanta biswas from chandannagar hooghly who is known as padman aware women about the hygiene during menstruation



  • Not the screen, he is the padman of reality!
  • Her only goal is to increase women’s seasonal health awareness and to dispel preconceived notions about menstruation.
  • So Sumant Biswas, a geography teacher from Chandannagar, went to a marginal village and distributed sanitary napkins to poor, indigenous mothers and sisters as well as a camp to dispel prejudices about periods.

This time Digital Desk: In his words, ‘Many people distribute sanitary napkins. But it is important to remove the superstition about the period. Sumant Biswas, a resident of Subhash Palli in Chandannagar, is famous as a geography sir in the area. Recently he has also become well known as ‘Padman’. In the words of Sumant Babu, ‘I always wanted to do something for the women of the society besides teaching. There are still many superstitions in the society about the period. Most women are not health conscious. Lacking money and education, many use dirty, damp clothes. As a result, uterine cancer. So I decided to create public awareness about this.

Sushant Babu’s path as ‘Padman’ started in 2016. He has formed an organization called ‘Bhusankalp’ with his students. Box-box sanitary napkins are bought on behalf of this organization with its own salary and student grants. Then he went to different places and distributed it to the poor, indigenous mothers and sisters. Sushant Babu said that this work started successfully from a tribal village in Bolpur.

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He then went to Pandua, Haripal Singur, Purulia, Sundarbans and distributed sanitary napkins. Bhusankalpa has also taken the responsibility of giving sanitary napkins to the women of Singur High Madrasa and slum areas adjacent to the station every month. Sushant Babu also said that the women there have become very aware and are waiting for the napkins sent by him.

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In addition to distributing sanitary napkins, the geography teacher has also set up a mobile menstrual school to dispel superstitions about menstruation. Sumant Babu took his students to different villages and camped. There the women of the village are meant, period is a normal process of man. It should not be hidden or concealed. However, Sumant Babu also received death threats for this work. But he doesn’t care. So he also wrote a book called ‘Holy Menstruation and Social Pathways’. Sumant Babu said that all the money from the sale of books will be spent on land acquisition.


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