Pakistan cyber attack on india: Pakistan cyber attack on India! Pakistani group started phishing attacks targeting India’s power and telecom infrastructure, according to itsec firm seqrite


This time Digital Desk: Pakistan has launched a cyber attack on critical infrastructure like power and telecom. Recently, such sensational information has been reported by Seqrite, a cyber security consultant company of Quick Heal Technologies. The IT security consultant company further said that the onset of the attack was through spear phishing emails. Such emails install viruses, trojans and malware on the customer’s computer.

Many times in the name of income tax returns and other government agencies, such emails are delivered to everyone’s inbox. Some of those emails request a download. According to Seqrite, hackers have created fake websites for him that people regularly visit. As well as the company claims, ‘All these emails are asked to download a .zip file. Extracting this .zip file contains multiple shortcut files. That shortcut is actually a link to open any malware. ‘

How do such cyber attacks happen?

Seqrite said, ‘If a customer opens that link, malicious activity starts in the background. However, a document is also shown open so that the customer has no doubts. Once this link is open, it starts downloading HTA payload from a suspicious domain. Also, execute LimShell’s executable file to disk in the background. ‘

Seqrite also states that NJRat Jan has used a remote access tool for this type of hacking. This tool is actually a Trojan, which helps the hacker to control the client’s computer. This tool first came to the fore in June 2013. Seqrite claims that the Pakistani hacking group Transparent Tribe is behind the cyber attack. The group launched a cyber attack on India’s defense department last year.

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What is the target of cyber attack?

Not limited to the defense sector, this time cyber attacks have started on critical infrastructures like telecom, power and finance in India. A variety of methods are used to gain control of such networks. However, the hacker group thinks that hacking into such infrastructure can easily bring any country under control. At the same time, if the telecom and internet system of the whole country is shut down, Damadol will start. At the same time, if the power and banking system of the whole country can be dismantled, then that country will face huge problems.

In addition, Pakistan may try to move ahead of India by gathering important information from such infrastructure. “The hacking group has been sending phishing emails to various government employees for a long time,” Seqrite said. This year’s cyber attack is more dangerous than last year’s defense cyber attack. This year, the hackers have improved the attack method a lot. ‘Screenshots, keystrokes, system file information can be found through this attack. Also, this cyber attack is capable of carrying out command specific control. This cyber group has a lot of financial support and hackers are improving the method of regular attacks, ‘says Seqrite.

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Pakistan added

According to the cyber security consultant company, the server from which the entire attack is being controlled is located in Pakistan. The IP address generated from this server is also under Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. Seqrite has already warned all government agencies in India about this.

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